7 Secret Spy Codes for Kids with Printable List


From the Spy Kids trilogy to Nancy Drew, kids love adventure, secrets, and mystery! Try these 7 secret spy codes for kids: Morse code, pigpen, phonetic alphabet, tap code, substitution ciphers, letters for numbers, and American sign language. These codes can work for a variety of ages. They can be made easier for younger students, and more advanced for older! You can also incorporate history, social studies and even government into some of these! 1. Morse Code Morse code was invented in the early 1800s by Samuel Morse. It is a method made up of dots and … [Read more...]

Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12: Upper Level and High School

40 Free STEM Websites for Grades 6-12 FB

Check out these free STEM websites for kids: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are designed for grades 6-12, and I have personally used many of these resources to help me get through school! As technology is ruling our society, STEM has been growing over the past few years and computers are more important than ever. Free Science Websites For Grades 6-12 Biology Corner From worksheets to videos, Biology Corner has resources for biology, AP biology, and anatomy. (This is from a secular perspective though) Khan Academy Khan Academy is … [Read more...]

Top 15 Quotes on Education

Education Quotes

I love the power of education; it can inspire you, and inspires all other professions. Here are my top 15 favorite quotes on education, ranging from the minds of genius Albert Einstein, to Greek philosopher Aristotle! Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. -Albert Einstein The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every new person I meet is my teacher. -Craig Harper Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. -Aristotle The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it … [Read more...]

Creation Crate Review + Giveaway: Science Kit in a Box

Creation Crate FB

I fully believe in teaching science without a textbook. What better way to teach science than with hands-on curriculum? With a Creation Crate subscription, it is easier than ever. Creation Crate is a monthly science subscription designed to teach kids STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Each kit includes a project that requires programming to get it working properly. Kits are designed for ages 12+, although younger children may be able to do it with parental guidance. There were many tiny pieces to put together, and all had to be in their … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Destress after a Long Day

11 Ways to Destress FB

Life has been crazily busy and stressful in the past couple of weeks, and I feel like I've been running around like crazy. I am smoothing out college planning, and am trying to complete some projects before the big move in day. Here have been some of my favorite ways to destress! Make a thankful for list Remembering what you're thankful for is great for days when you're down in the dumps! Family, a warm bed to snuggle into every night, a cozy sweater. Watch a favorite movie A favorite movie or TV show is one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day! … [Read more...]