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This blog is solely owned and operated by me, Samantha. The purpose of this site has been to improve my writing skills, share my passions with others, and make a little money during high school and college.

I own everything on this site, unless otherwise noted. Images will be one of the following: an image physically taken by me, purchased from a reputable stock photo site, or in public domain. In all other cases, the proper source (ie another blog) will be properly cited.

Occasionally, I may get compensated for product reviews, whether it be monetary or with product. I will always leave a disclosure at the end of these posts. However, as an honest person that values her readers, I will always give my honest feedback to my readers, weighing both the good and the bad. If I don’t believe in the product, I have and will continue to turn down sponsored offers with products I don’t believe in or enjoy.

In order to keep my blog content free, I will occasionally use affiliate links in my posts. This will not effect you, the buyer, but I will get a small commission off items purchased. This will be mentioned at the bottom of the post.


When you comment on my blog and put your email address, the only thing you may receive is a follow-up email, a reply to your comment. When you sign up for my e-mail list, you will receive my infrequent e-mail. I will never sell my reader’s e-mail addresses or use them in a deceitful way.


I work hard to continuously create original content, and I love when people share my work! For round-ups and such, you may use one image from the post, as long as proper credit in the form of a clear link back to the post is given. The image must have the watermark still visible. Please e-mail me if you would like to use any written content from my site. Thank you for your understanding!